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Gas Safe Courses for New Entrants

Since 2004 CTSGroup have enrolled hundereds of new entrants onto our gas safe courses, delivering the vast majority into successful employment. The remainder have joined our kick start gas registration program as self employed gas engineers or gone on to run their own successful businesses. As a national gas safe registered contractor we provide field based, hands on, gas safe courses for people who are serious about investing in a successful gas career. Training is completed alongside our senior gas engineers, where students graduate as qualified ACS Accredited Technicians. Students on our Advanced Gas Safe Courses graduate with their own gas safe licence, employer references, key skill certificates. Approved Contractor graduates are awarded a licence to work for CTSGroup on completion.

Part Time / Full Time - Locally to You

Candidates joining our advanced gas safe courses are able to train locally to their homes. Theory and practical training can be completed in a blend of in-college, in-centre, on-site, open-university, or in-house coursework, with your on the job gas work experience and portfolio being completed on days to suit in your local area. Our gas safe courses can be undertaken around existing committments or full time.

Who Can Apply

Our Gas Safe Courses are open to persons from all backgrounds. The advanced gas engineer courses are assessment based and thus require no entry qualifications. Candidates without any formal trade skills or qualifications may wish to complete a short field based training program with one of our training instructors. This will provide the essential foundation skills needed to undertake one of our gas safe courses.

Which Gas Safe Course

We offer profesional gas safe courses for all entry levels and budgets.

i. Up Skill Course - For Related Trades People - (9 Weeks)

ii. Advanced Kick Start - People with Transferable Skills - (18 Weeks)

iii. Adult Gas Apprenticeship Training Course - No Prior Skills (36 Weeks)

iv. Approved Contractor Scheme - With Paid Work (32 Weeks)

Alongside our Advanced Gas Engineer Courses we also provide a popular 'NO FRILLS' Option for people on limited budgets.

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Everything is Included

Our primary goal is delivering work ready gas engineers to the industry. This is easily achieved via our hands on, work place based gas safe courses which include:

  • Gas Foundation Qualification
  • Hands On Work Experience and Portfolio
  • ACS Assessments (CCN1 with CPA1, CENWAT, CKR1, HTR1, MET1)
  • Gas Safe Registration, and Gas Licence on our Kick Start Program
  • Solo Gas Work Experience and Employer References
  • On Site Technical Hotline for Newly Registered Gas Engineers

Professional Recognition

All students undertaking one of our field based gas safe courses are automatically registered with the Guild of Professional Gas Engineers to provide public recognition and improved income prospects after graduation.




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Three Steps To Success

3 Easy Steps to Becoming a Gas Safe Engineer
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Steps 1 to 3

Step 1 – Once your application to train with CTSGroup is endorsed you will be added to our approved gas engineers list. You will commence an advanced gas foundation course at your local college, centre or via our open university program.

Step 2 – With step 1 complete, you wil now undertake a period of on the job gas work experience under the supervision of a gas registered engineer where you will complete a portfolio of gas work evidence. Students without a work placement will be offered a guaranteed place with one of our senior gas engineers.

Step 3  - After a short assessment you will be entered onto the 'Accedited Certification Scheme For Gas Operatives' (ACS) where you will undertake your CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety Assessment, CPA1 Combustion Performance Analysis Assessment, CEN WAT Gas Boiler and Water Heater Competence Assessment, CKR1 Gas Cooker Competence Assessment, and HTR1 Gas Fire Competence Assessment. Some Students may wish to add MET1 Gas Meter Installation at this time also.

Your ACS Competence Certificates are required for making an application onto the gas safe register or application to undertake gas work legally.

Gas Safe Courses Add Ons

Once the first 3 steps are Completed, you can further your training.

Kick Start - Gas Safe Registration

For self employed engineers, our optional kick start plan includes gas registration, solo work experience and technical on site support for the first six months.

Kick Start - To Employment 

Most students want to start with employment whilst they build further skills.This add on bridges the gap from course to employment and provides the necessary solo experience, gas registration, employer references, key skills and technical support on the job.

Kick Start - Into Business & Contracting

A specialist program for engineers wishing to start their own business or join our advanced engineers approved contractor list. Our Advanced Contractor - Gas Safe Courses allow us to set you up as one of our approved contractors where you will undertake work on our behalf one to two days a week after completing your training. The cost of your gas registration and professional membership is included. .


Short Course Training Options From £890 + Vat (See Below)

For candidates who are joining one of our gas safe courses without a work placement , we will on request provide a guaranteed placement with one of own local Advance Engineers

Gas Safe Engineer

The Up-Skill Course Option - is for engineers with some previous experience, or who are transferring from a related technical trade. Prices start as low as £890 + Vat for your gas safe foundation course certificate and from £1470 + Vat to include your ACS Assessments on our NO FRILLS PROGRAM

Gas Safe Engineer

The Standard Option is for people with no related qualifications or experience but who have transferrable life skills gained in other careers.This gas safe course can be started from as little as £1150 + Vat, ACS Assessments can be undertaken as part of the course from £850 + Vat. Students withourt transferrable skills will need to consider a pre entry gas safe course (From £540 + Vat) to provide the necessary core skills, or undertake our adult gas apprenticeship training program below.

Gas Safe Engineer

Advanced Option - This option is for career change students who will struggle transferring their training into paid work. Our Adult Gas Safe Apprenticeship Training Courses, Kick Start to Work and Advance Contractor Gas Safe Courses include solo gas work experience, gas registration, employer references, get to work employment support or the opportunity to start your own business or join our list of approved gas contractors carrying out work for our engineering division. Prices for these gas courses start at £5500 + Vat for the Advanced Engineer Gas Safe Course, from £6900 + Vat for the Adult Apprentice and Work Start Gas Safe Courses, and from £8900 + Vat for our Advance Contractors - Business Start or Franchise Gas Safe Courses.

Gas Safe Engineer


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